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With odds stacked against him from birth, Greg shares his stories of family abandonment, homelessness, broken marriages, and PTSD from the horrors of war. Ultimately, he triumphs over his adversities, ONLY by the saving POWER of Y’shua!

Meet Greg Robinson

The Man

Greg resides in the Chicagoland area with his loving wife and two daughters.  For years, as a member of the Navy and Army, he has learned from his military service a focused and disciplined lifestyle.  Greg is also a member of the Light of Righteousness Church.  There, he and his family are active parts of the church.  Greg is deeply spiritual, serving as a minister in his church.  

The Mission

The mission is to equip, empower and enrich men to be a better version of themselves, by breaking the bonds of toxic masculinity. I teach based upon the twelve principles of resolve. They come from the acronym for FATHER with two principles per letter. F= Flawed and Faithful, A= Accountable and Authoritative, T= Trustworthy and Tenacious, H= Honest and Humble, E= Earnest and Executor, R= Respectful and Rewarder. These are further delineated into three tiers and the most important principle is to be Flawed first. Otherwise, the other principles are of no consequence for further development of the individual man.

Brick Wall
"Great book! It really captures the essence of how much the physical body can endure before the mental mindset takes over. The author explains how a High Power helps him achieve even more."
In Bad, Bandages, Bullets, and Beyond: The Memoir of Greg Robinson, his Salvation experience is shared, in hopes of inspiring all who read this book!
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The Unbreakable Man is dedicated to helping men who suffer from a lack of hope, full understanding and a father. It is my mission and my purpose to help men succeed in overcoming the ill effects through the ultimate resource and experiential advice from someone who has lived it and excelled.
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